Approved by the RSPCA

A Freedom Farmed chicken enjoying the sunlight

With all the different offerings and claims in the marketplace, it's hard to understand which products truly benefit animal welfare. The RSPCA has long been respected as Australia's leading animal welfare organisation and for decades, has worked directly with farmers in an effort to improve the welfare of animals that are farmed to provide us with food.

The RSPCA has developed higher animal welfare standards (from farm through to processing) that go above and beyond what is required by law. The RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme Standards ensure that animals in these farming systems are provided with an environment that meets their behavioural and physiological needs.

The scheme was developed as the RSPCA's alternative to conventional farming systems. The RSPCA works closely with farmers and once a farm has been approved, products from these farms can be stamped and sold with the RSPCA Approved Farming "Paw of Approval" logo. This logo tells consumers that the product has come from a farm that meets the RSPCA's high animal welfare standards. A copy of the Standards can be found here:

The Freedom Farming model is among the first in Australia to successfully receive approval from the RSPCA for farming to their higher welfare chicken standards.

Click here to view Freedom Farms RSPCA certificate of approval.