The Freedom Farming Barn

Ok, let’s get the facts…

  • To correct a common misconception, NO meat chickens in Australia are kept in cages.
  • All meat chickens are raised in BARNS where they can move about on a natural bedding material with easy access to water and food, which is grain based and has NO ADDED HORMONES.
  • Chickens move about freely in the barn on a comfortable, natural bedding material.
  • The barn protects the chickens from predators and harsh weather conditions.
  • Free Range and Organic chickens are grown in similar barns, but also have access to an outdoor area for part of the growing period.

So what’s the difference with the Freedom Farming barn?

There are different types of barns used in conventional chicken farming. The majority of the modern barns built today are the “tunnel or closed” style of barn, which mean the chickens may not have access to an open air environment and direct natural light. Freedom Farmed chickens are exclusively grown in “open sided barns”, which have traditional wire mesh sides with adjustable shutters or curtains that when opened, allow fresh air and natural sunlight to stream throughout the barn. Whilst the chickens stay within the barn, the wire mesh sides let the outside environment in.

Natural light allows our chickens to produce vitamin D naturally and encourages them to be more active and practice their natural behaviours such as perching, socialising, foraging and dust bathing. Freedom Farms barns also have the addition of perches, as well as more space for the chickens to move about than conventionally farmed chicken.

In Freedom Farms barns, the RSPCA standard is adhered to, ensuring the meat chickens’ behavioural and physical needs are met and the environment is comfortable through the control of elements such as bedding materials, ventilation, and lighting.