Environmentally Sustainable Farming

The Freedom Farming model is not only about delivering a genuinely higher welfare product, but is a farming method that’s sustainable, environmentally responsible and efficient enough to deliver real value to Australian families.

Farming large amounts of animals can have a significant impact on the environment, an impact that’s often forgotten about when farming methods are discussed. Issues such as erosion, degradation of the land, nutrient and bacteria build up in the soil and effluent run-off, are all problems that can develop in outdoor farming systems, with subsequent management also coming at a high cost.

Freedom Farms believes the real solution for responsible food production is found within the balance – meaning, we shouldn’t strive for welfare at the expense of the environment and equally, we shouldn’t protect the environment at the expense of welfare.

The Freedom Farming Model has been designed to find that balance. We selected a higher welfare barn model as opposed to an outdoor model, as we believe it’s the one system that can deliver animal welfare and environmental sustainability, while still providing an affordable product for consumers.

The Freedom Farms barns provide an environment that lets the outdoors in and ensures chickens are safe and comfortable, whilst at the same time achieving a negligible impact on the surrounding environment. Natural and comfortable materials are provided for the chickens to scratch and forage in, meaning that they can exhibit their natural behaviour with minimal negative impact on the area. All waste materials can also be easily contained, removed and composted elsewhere for productive re-use.