Supporting Australian Farmers

“No farming system is sustainable without the farmers to sustain it.”

How many of us like when prices go up? Silly question?! No one wants to pay more, particularly for staple items that the vast majority of families rely on every week. The result is that farmers have to find better and more efficient ways of producing their products to satisfy consumers’ desire for economical food.

But are farmers left with an impossible task? How do we deliver higher levels of animal welfare at a price that all Australians can afford to buy and farmers can still afford to produce?

Freedom Farming is as much about sustainable farming systems as it is about welfare, and our concept of sustainability goes well beyond the environment. We believe that if a farming system is to be sustainable it must be efficient enough to deliver real value to families and practical enough to allow farmers to continue to grow a healthy agricultural industry for Australia.

The poultry industry in Australia today provides many thousands of jobs and is known worldwide for its clean and green status. With chicken being among the best value meat in our country, Freedom Farms believes in giving Australia a farming industry you can be proud of, by developing systems that focus on providing great value, ethically produced products.