What is Freedom Farming ?

“Freedom Farming, it’s about providing great value products you can feel good about, with a new approach to farming and sustainable animal welfare.”

Let’s face it, when it comes to chicken products in Australia, everyone’s pretty confused. And who wouldn’t be. Organic, free range, barn reared, cage free, hormone free – what’s it all mean?! We believe Aussie families simply want some honest, down to earth facts and a product they can feel good about.

We‟re all about balance, reality and presenting facts as they are. Our model is based on an approach that says a middle ground is what’s needed to provide for the interests of all; be it our animals, our farmers, our customers or our environment.

The simple fact is, the world does need to eat and realistically for most of us, that also means we need our food to be affordable. Sometimes we’re made to feel that unless we can afford the most premium products, we’re not making responsible buying choices. Well we’re here to tell you that’s not the case!!

“Freedom Farms is all about giving Australia the freedom to choose higher welfare chicken products that are affordable and in reach of all shoppers.”

The Freedom Farms
Sustainable Higher Welfare Model

RSPCA Approved & Monitored Farming

More Space, Fresh Air & Natural Sunlight

Open Sided, Cage Free Barns

Enriched Environment for Natural Bahaviour

Getting the Facts

Supporting Australian Farmers

Environmentally Sustainable Farming

Value For Australian Farmers