Value for Australian Families

“Freedom Farms is all about giving Australia the freedom to choose higher welfare chicken products that are more affordable for shoppers.”

Is it really a welfare solution if only a small percentage of Australia can afford to buy the product?

To make a real difference, we believe that higher welfare products shouldn’t be expensive, specialty products but rather an affordable choice for as many people as possible. Of course, that sounds good in theory, but adding costs to any farming system is always going to have some impact on the price. So how do we do it? Our solution – find a better system. Freedom Farming is a new model that we’re introducing to Australia to deliver exactly this.

Freedom Farms offer higher welfare, responsibly farmed chicken products using a lower cost farming model than free range and organic systems. Interestingly, differences in price don’t necessarily represent a difference in taste. Blind taste tests* show that even expert chefs can find very little difference in the taste of chickens, from the most economically priced farming methods right up to the most expensive. The difference to consumers really is about buying a product you can feel good about – both because it represents great value as well being a responsible and ethical choice.

*Source: The Age 23rd August 2011.